Sitz Upward 307r
Calved 03/12/05 • AAA #14963730 [AMF-CAF-M1F-NHF]

# Connealy Lead On [AMF-CAF-XF]
# Connealy Onward [AMF-CAF-XF]
Altune of Conanga 6104
# Sitz Value 7097 [AMF-CAF-XF]
Sitz Henrietta Pride 81M
Sitz Henrietta Pride 1370

“Upward” is one of the popular replacements for his sire, the deceased Connealy Onward. “Upward” was the top selling bull in the ‘06 spring sale at $85,000 and now his sons are finding homes in AI studs and other seedstock producers. “Upward” combines a flawless EPD tabulation backed by a power-packed pedigree of proven performance. Phenotypically, “Upward” is hard to fault as he is very well balanced. His progeny is moderate framed, thick and easy fleshing, the kind the industry is seeking today. “Upward” is leased to Genex CRI.

Save Net Worth 4200
Calved 03/06/04 • AAA #14739204 [AMF-CAF-M1F-NHF]

# Sitz Traveler 8180 [AMF-CAF-XF]
# S A V 8180 Traveler 004 [AMF-CAF-XF]
+ Boyd Forever Lady 8003
#+ S A F 598 Bando 5175 [CAC-AMF]
+ S A V May 2410
# S A V May 6269

Tc Vance
Calved 01/17/10 • AAA 16734345 [AMF-CAF-NHF]

# S A V Final Answer 0035 [AMF-CAF-XF]
Connealy Right Answer 746 [AMF-CAF-XF]
Happy Dell of Conanga 262
Connealy Thunder [AMF-CAF-XF]
+ TC Pride 8056
+ TC Pride 4226

Vance was the top selling bull of the 2011 TC Ranch Production Sale.

Vance has an extremely strong maternal pedigree.

Vance's outstanding young dam is backed by generations of Pathfinder dams.

Vance ranks in the top 3% WW, top 3% YW, top 2% CEM, top 10% Milk, top 10% CW, top 1% $W, and top 5% $F among non parent bulls.

Vance is owned with Sitz Angus Ranch and Split Diamond Ranch, MT and Genex/CRI, WI. Leased to Genex/CRI, WI.

Connealy Consensus 7229
Calved: 1/15/2009 • Reg. No.: 16447771 • Tattoo:9122

KMK Alliance 6595 I87
Connealy Consensus
Blinda of Conanga 004
Woodhill Admiral 77K
Blue Lilly of Conanga 16
Blue Cash of Conanga 6020

Reports on the first calves are in and the “Consensus” is that they are the Cowman’s kind! They are the favorite sire group of all the cowmen you talk to. Birth weights are moderate, they get up and go to work and look like they have a tremendous amount of power and performance in them!

Consensus 7229 was the talk of the industry when he was selected as the $210,000 all-time high selling bull in the history of the Connealy Angus Ranch program.

Consensus 7229, the popular outcross and multi-trait sire, recorded a birth weight of 71 lbs. to ratio 97, an adjusted weaning weight of 817 lbs. to ratio 114 and an adjusted yearling weight of 1,420 lbs. to ratio 116, while posting an IMF score of 6.03 to ratio 134 and a REA measurement of 14.0 to ratio 104.

The powerful dam of Consensus 7229 blends the Pathfinder Sire, Admiral 77K and Timeline with a Pathfinder third dam. The dam of Lot 1 posts a WR 2@108 and a YR 1@116.

Reg# 16364794

KMK Alliance 6595 I87
Connealy Consensus
Blinda of Conanga 004
Woodhill Admiral 77K
Blue Lilly of Conanga 16
Blue Cash of Conanga 6020

"Regis" was our high selling bull in our 2010 Bull Sale, selling to Select Sires for $20,000. He has been a standout since day one, and we are excited to get some calves out of him. His full sister is as good as any female we have raised here, and will be a feature in our 2010 female sale. "Regis" is backed by one of the strongest cow families in the breed. There are generations and generations of proven cows stacked in his pedigree. This was his mother's first natural calf. "Regis" had ratio's of 82 at birth, 111 at weaning, and 106 at yearling. His grandma is Donna "386" who has had a tremendous influence in our program. "386" is the dam of "Foundation" another bull that we are very excited about and has a tremendous future. We have many daughters out of "386" that are doing a tremendous job for us. "Regis's" Great Grandma is Donna J311, who has had as much influence in our program as any female we own.

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